Easter is a time for most people to rest and relax, but this year I decided to spend it working on my own comic. Over the weekend, I managed to accomplish a significant amount of work, and now my comic has over 70 drawn pages.

During Easter, I completed a massive action scene involving multiple characters. This scene was challenging, but it also proved to be rewarding as I saw it come together.

Looking back on the work I've done so far, I feel tired when I think about the countless hours I've spent drawing the comic. However, I am satisfied with what I have achieved. There is still much work ahead: I need to finish drawing the script, ink, and color the pages. I will likely also make corrections here and there, as I've noticed my eye has become more critical over time.

While there is still a lot of work to do, I am particularly pleased with how my main character has begun to come to life on the drawn pages. As a writer, it is of primary importance to me that the reader gets to know the character and feels suspense on their behalf. It seems I have succeeded in this goal.

During Easter, I also took some well-deserved time off. I went to the dog park with my dog, where it got to frolic with its sibling. This moment of relaxation gave me the energy to continue working on the comic. While there is still work ahead, I believe the end result will be worth it.