a pile of comics sitting next to each other
a pile of comics sitting next to each other


I have many favorites when it comes to comics (as we all do). Here, I list the ones that had a great impact on me when I was younger and that I still appreciate to this day. I'll be including well-known names such as Spider-Man, Batman, Judge Dredd, and so on. But I also intend to feature some lesser-known titles so that even experienced fans can discover something new. Check out what I've listed here and see if you can find your own favorite among mine.

RoboCop vs The Terminator comicsRoboCop vs The Terminator comics


Why do good movies get bad sequels? If an action-packed movie has received a lot of positive feedback, wouldn't it be obvious that there's a demand for it, and thus it would be profitable to offer the audience what they want? I've been pondering this for years – why do greedy people want to shoot themselves in the foot by trying to be clever?

You can't increase profits by replacing a ferocious lion in the circus with a sheep bearing the lion's name. The audience gets disappointed when they don't see the lion and leave for home. This happens all too often with successful concepts when even the highest stack of bills doesn't reach high enough. Sometimes, however, the anticipated sequel comes in a different format. Both Terminator and RoboCop are fortunate enough that their stories have continued with dignity in the form of comics.

a batman comics book cover of a comic book
a batman comics book cover of a comic book


I think it was December when I found this comic book at a newsstand in the early 90s. The joyful colors of Christmas were far from this dark work. It was impossible not to notice it. I was in my early teens at the time and as soon as I saw the cover, I knew I had to get my hands on this comic book. Batman was already a familiar character to me, but Judge Dredd was still quite unfamiliar. This was the first comic book that gave me a chance to get to know Dredd properly. After reading this comic book, I started hunting for other Judge Dredd comics.

My childhood friend borrowed this comic book from me and it had a great impact on both of us, as artists and entertainment enthusiasts. Click the button below and read my detailed analysis of this comic book!

a comic book cover of spider - man sin eater death of jean dewolfa comic book cover of spider - man sin eater death of jean dewolf


This is essentially the story where my journey with Spider-Man truly began. I was 10 years old when I bought this. I was hooked on the story and visuals. Even adults in my childhood home read the comic and enjoyed it. Although this wasn't my first Spider-Man comic, it was the one that got me reading more and collecting Spider-Man comics.

The Death of Jean Dewolf had a big impact on me as both an artist and storyteller. It taught me how to build a story hook and how to illustrate tense and violent scenes. Click the button below and read more of my thoughts on this comic.